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1 lap - Thunderhill - 350z

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  • 1 lap - Thunderhill - 350z

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    turn 2 was so cool. but the real trick is not lifting for 8, takes some balls.

    wish i was still on that side, the new track looks like it'll be pretty cool.

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      Good times. I miss those NorCal / CenCal tracks. Did a lot of motorcycle roadracing there.


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        Just when you think you're hauling ass, here comes another damn 911!
        Originally posted by SoSideways
        I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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          Originally posted by Matt93SE View Post
          Just when you think you're hauling ass, here comes another damn 911!
          I like the 'oh **** i looked at my mirrors' point by for the blue/orange one
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            Those front tires are crying out for some more throttle mid-corner to help the car rotate. And possibly some more front camber... or maybe both.

            Looks like a fun track.

            And about the 911's - the best is the look on their face when you pass their precious GT3.
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