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Z32 engine swap dilemma...

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  • Z32 engine swap dilemma...

    A friend has plagued me with the task of switching out his freshly blown engine. Replacement engine is in hand, but I have never done any work to one of these bastard ass cars.

    I need suggestions since I am limited to jack stands and hand tools.

    Fight the engine/trans out through the top?
    Fight engine alone?

    All help would be greatly appreciated.
    Originally posted by Matt93SE
    in engrish, it's all about the length of your shaft... :P

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    Engine and trans out together through top. It's really not as bad a job as it may look, it takes about 3 to 4 hours for 1 person to remove one of these engines with basic tools. Make sure that everything is right on the replacement engine. There is so little room to work on these once they are in the chassis, that something as small as a heater hose can cause you to have to pull the engine a second time.


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      Sounds good. I was thinking the same thing.

      I'm going to lower the crossmember a little for clearance and pull it through with everything pretty much still intact.
      Originally posted by Matt93SE
      in engrish, it's all about the length of your shaft... :P


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        I've never done a Z32, but I've done a few other cars. Josh_S13's advice is spot on.

        Leave the front half of the drive shaft in when you pull to keep from dumping all the gear oil over everything.

        Either way, drain the fluids before you pull it, and if possible get as much out of the way as possible. And put the bolts back on what they came off of once a part is removed to help keep track of it all.

        I use a chain hoist in my garage supported by a couple rafters / ceiling joists. Works well with a set of ramps to roll the car back on as the motor comes out but I do need to take the hood off before all that.

        Good luck!!
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          I would remove the transmission to bull the motor. These are the two best resources for organized information on the Z32:
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