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This car is fast!

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  • This car is fast!

    Man it grips and corners so nicely! Check it out! Woah
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    I miss mine. Im amazed why these cars arent more popular. Theyre definatly a capable chassis.

    The vg is kind of intimidating to work on though.


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      take a peak under the hood, and realize "if anything ever goes wrong, im never touching that piece of **** "
      Originally posted by Jason M
      I have no chance to win without the Giken...


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        You should just make one thread to put all of your amazing videos in, instead of making a new one for every one.
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          they really capable machines.
          I think for a long time, the price is what kept a lot of people away. They were a bit too expensive for the average 240sx kid to buy, and buy the time they had enough income to afford one, they moved on to newer cars.
          I have noticed, at least in my area, a "resurgence" of 300zx's being built and raced. So many of them were single owner cars for years and years.
          You're right about them being a bit intimidating. I think that is why so many of them where just left stock, and driven. Maybe some minor bolt ons, like exhaust or something like that, but other than that, they are mostly left stock because they aren't easy to work on, like a 240sx is.
          The part that I think really hurt the cars was that so many of them were so riced out that it was a major turn off for a lot of people. No one wants to own a car where the common thing to do with it is a fast and furious body kit and loud exhaust.


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            The biggest problem is that they are heavy!!. But that aside, they handle well when you get them dialed in. Here's the latest from my NA at Road Atlanta.

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              I love the VG's sound much more than VQ's.