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Z vs. S on equal weight and power

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  • Z vs. S on equal weight and power

    Hi guys.

    Have a quick question for people who have trackked both the Z33 and the S13/14

    If both chassis were reduced down to the same weight and engines equalized to similar power levels, which would turn a faster laptime?

    This is onviously understanding that the comparison would be n similar tires and aero also..

    Look forward to your answers..

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    I think it'd take A LOT of work and money to get a Z33 down to what an S13/S14 can weigh.

    The Z33 has better front suspension geometry, maybe a tad better weight distribution due to engine placement(?), and a stiffer chassis. So likely it would be faster. But I'm pretty sure the avg track Z33 is easily 3000+ lbs curb weight, while it's not too hard to get down below 2600 lbs on an S13/S14. Below 2500 lbs isn't even that difficult.
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      Z can fit bigger tires factory, aero is slightly better for Z, suspension design a bit better.. but saying equal weight is a major handicap for the 240SX. In that case you are probably talking stock weight 240SX versus a crazy-lightened Z. But yes, if weight/power is the same, aero and suspension design are then a win for the Z.
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