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One bad ass S30Z

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  • One bad ass S30Z

    I thought I'd share. Restored, V8'd, caged, front splitter, wing that he claims should produce 600lbs of downforce at 100mph, 305/30/18 front, 335/30/18 rear, plus looks sexy

    I'd copy the pictures in here but too lazy right now (it's scripted)

    If I could transport over all my 240sx stuff to an s30, I would. I have always loved S30s ever since I laid my eyes on one as a kid.
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    That S30 is revoltingly ugly.


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      You suck, no vision.

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        Originally posted by a_ahmed View Post
        You suck, no vision.

        Is that how you like your women?


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          Actually that's how I like my cars, I like my woman as a woman.
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            You used the adjective sexy to describe your affection for the car. I inferred that your taste in cars maybe the same for women since sexy is used to describe something that arouses sexual desire, a desire usually directed toward a person.


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              Leave the thread if you have nothing intelligent to contribute.


               /ˈsɛksi/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [sek-see] Show IPA –adjective, sex⋅i⋅er, sex⋅i⋅est.

              1. concerned predominantly or excessively with sex; risqué: a sexy novel.

              2. sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality: the sexiest professor on campus.

              3. excitingly appealing; glamorous: a sexy new car.
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                Nice looking S30. If I ever had a ton of time to build something again, it'd be a toss up between a kit car with Group C style aerodynamics or a very clean 240Z.
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                  That is a pretty sweet build.
                  Cory B.

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                    RIDICULOUSLY awesome car! The only thing on the car that I am not absolutely in love with is the tail lights. That car is far from ugly.
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                      sweet build, ugly body. z's can look 100x sexier


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                        They took the worst aspect of the corvette and put it on a Z. They should be slapped on the wrist for that part. otherwise :drool:
                        Originally posted by SoSideways
                        I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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                          I don't give a **** if no body likes it but this is my dream build and what i hope to achieve with my 240sx.... this thing in my definition is the perfect ultimate hardcore alpha male raw car of them all.

                          More Details: This Z Body Kit is from The car ran for about a year with this motor in there. I bought a "scarab" mount kit, modified the...

                 - Sacramento, CA. The Z Body Kit is from - 240Z - GT240 Road Trip... (Part 3).

                          I can't stop listening to that v8 menace and how swiftly it changes direction and moves

                          And I love the LT v8 sound... over the LS v8s... anytime... I just wish the LT v8s were lighter
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                            I'll admit, LT1's do sound good, but any 'true dual' setup on an LS1 sounds equally as good.

                            That's a sick car tho ahmed! Damn is that thing hard.
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                              I wonder what it is that makes LTs sound different.. when supposedly they are based on the same small block evolution?
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