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  • Update car found

    They found my car and trailer.

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    Roughly intact?
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      It was untouched. They didn't even touch the straps. I left my new gloves in the seat, still there. They left my (3) new spare tires. Dragged the side of the trailer on something and tore up a fender. But I have them back.

      I am going to run at the Mitty at Road Atlanta next week.


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        Details??? How? Why? Who?


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          Yaay! Glad they found it.. Everything else intact and accounted for? I thought you posted a while back that they had stolen some tools and whatnot.
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          I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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            Yeah they cleaned out all the tools and equipment. No truck. At least I have cars and trailer back. I bought another truck already and doing all the maintenance on it. I titled trailer and tools to my company so everything is insured but not my personal stuff. Helmet and drivers bag not covered. Helmet was SA2005 so I had to buy a new one anyway.