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    I'm wanting to start autocrossing. I have a 2006 sentra 1.8s. Here's where the issue starts.

    I swapped a sr20de rr from an 01 sentra into my 06 chassis. Would this make my car fall into the 'modified' automaticaly? I understand that all racing groups have different rules, but as an overall what might it be?

    Here's the rest:
    SpecV springs/struts
    SpecV rotors/pads/calipers (F&R)
    5mm spacers front
    20mm spacers rear

    Thanks for any help!

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    You could either run SMF or use the update backdate rule in whatever SP class the Sentra falls into.

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      Different lines so no update/backdate in this case. It's SMF


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        In retrospect, I should clarify. Following a strict interpretation of the rules, it's in SMF. Most regions have local classes that are pretty loose and are more appropriate for novices with cars not prepped for a specific class. And sometimes they won't really care if it's technically illegal and will just stick you in a class that's reasonably close. See if there's a novice class or OSP (Other Street Prepared).

        OK, further review, are these both B15 chassis and engine? The rules in Street Prepared for update/back date is that the items have to come from any car on the same line of the rule book. The appropriate chunk says this:

        Sentra (2.0L) (2000-01)
        Sentra (B15 chassis) (2002-06)
        Sentra (B16 chassis) (2007-12)

        So you can put any engine from an '02 Sentra into an '06, or an engine from 2.0 (SR?) '00 into an '01, but not a 2.0 from a, '00 into an '06. That seems a bit ridiculous, but it might be an error, they've gotten the year break incorrect in the rulebook before. They may have done that to specifically split out the SR20 from other B15 cars, but considering the SE-R 2.5 got like 25 more horsepower, that seems unnecessary. If you get serious with it, you might be able to get the rules changed so the car fits in DSP.
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