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S5/S3 cam setup

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  • S5/S3 cam setup

    I have a 10:1 highport DE in my B13 and bought what i thought were a set of S3's but ended up being an S5 intake,S3 exhaust combo. I heard from a friend that this can be an awesome setup with some adjustable cam gears, anyone have any knowledge on this setup? I'm driving the car daily so it still needs to be comfortably streetable.

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    No other info than what I've already relayed to you. Just want to say hi and welcome to the most bad ass sight there is. You should start a build/intro thread.


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      I've actually never messed with that combo at all...I've used straight S5's, but they were really on the verge of being to much for the stock valvetrain (in fact there were guys with issues with them). I do know there were some guys north of 160whp with bolt ons!

      S5 cams (in combo) do also require idle program and timing

      Regardless, i'd be interested to see any results from this
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        I say nistune, lc-1, adjustable cam gears and doooo it.