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My 2000 C5 FRC

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  • My 2000 C5 FRC

    Well a lot has happened in my personal life in the last few years since I stopped racing and parted out my 240sx hatch. I went through a roller coaster of hell in the last two years in my personal life that I didn't really care about car stuff and which led to me parting out my 240 but finally things started to turn around in my life... and here she is, my C5 vette

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    I took this video first day I got her home
    "hexa-dodecahedron-triple-threaded-super-eleventy-way-adjustment-spec" dampers. -Def


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      The car is stock, except for being lowered on bolts (too low... but looks good lol... I will raise it back up 1") and B&B Bullet exhaust (which sounds amazing).

      The wheels are anchor heavy Chinese garbage with rubbish tires... and odd sizes, 19x9.5+40 front and rear with 245/35/19 crap tires front and 245/45/19 rears (Ridiculously tall...). Unfortunately for now I'm stuck with this wheel and tire combo but I plan to get 275/35/18 and 305/30/19 R888 setup with Forgestar F14 gunmetal wheels.

      I purchased:
      •HSD coilovers -- essentially same as stance GR+ pros internally (they get descent reviews for the price they will do...).
      •Front and Rear Steinjagger extreme heavy duty endlinks and swaybars (essentially similar to C6 Z51 sizes and hollow -- lighter). Good reviews.
      •Moog problem solver inner and outer front tie rods

      Still trying to hunt down a solution for the rears as the outers alone are 180USD, baer heim jointed ones are 170USD... inners are 110CAD each tax/shipping... so I might opt for zip corvettes heim jointed toe link instead (one piece replacing outer and inner setup). Still deciding...

      We get raped up north due to our dollar and how things are priced up here...

      I was considering DRM valved Bilsteins... but... and I know... Korean coilovers... but the reviews were positive on corvette forums even from owners who ran LG and PFdaft coilovers, for half the price... They will do for now... and they can be revalved just like stance.

      Steinjager setup:
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        The crack on the passenger side is by the previous owner attempting to run low offset/wide wheels and driving on them. Good thing with vettes is how everything is modular. The stock fenders are alwasy readily available as many guys go widebody, speaking to one guy now who has the passenger side fenders in black for 100USD + shipping.

        I'm glad I got the vette, it's a fantastic performance car for the money, even insurance is cheap for me at 88CAD/month with full coverage
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          Unexpected costs added up, like HST tax which was 13% on purchase which sucks.

          Rear driver tire shred and had to be replaced (leaked). Cost me 165 for used tire and 200 for mobile wheel mount and balance service -- something cool but costly!

          Water pump was dying, so I did the pump and belts, with labour cost 620CAD...

          I changed engine oil to 0w30 Signature Amsoil based on discussions on bob is the oil guy but it seems to be burning oil so despite their suggestions I am going to try 5w30 and 10w30 next.

          Changed tranny fluid to Amsoil ATF which smoothed out shifting but I think the MN6 tranny may need rebuilding... hard to get into all gears which isn't cool, but I won't race this year.

          I still have my 330mm Personal Neo Grinta steering wheel from the 240sx and I'll need to get a hub and quick release for the vette to get it installed.

          Seats are totally rubbish... and they'll need to be upgraded. I'm looking at Corbeau Evo X seats which are around 1200USD for both sides including brackets and sliders. It's the widest seat to fit in a C5. Very good looking seat!
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            Cool, I thought about a vette but I like the project aspect of the s14. Enjoy!
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