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DD Tow vehicle? Looking for real world suggestions/feedback

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    Originally posted by voiddweller View Post
    Drove the 2016 Touareg TDI on Saturday. The motor was responsive and had plenty of torque. The interior was nice and controls were similar to the BMW e92. It drives like a car and was planted and easy to maneuver. Full time 4wd is nice, it has an awesome turning radius and gets 30mpg when not towing!

    As expected, I broke something...the rear seat locking mechanism snapped when I tried to release it. Same issue I had with my MKIV GTI. Horrible design. I can image trying to put in a car seat for the kids and it binds up at the worst possible time. Since this also needs to needs to be a family hauler, I'm disappointed.

    For the $51k base price on the sticker, it's not competitive but it's a nice effort. I'll check out some comps from Audi and Porsche before I give up on the Germans. I'm assuming residuals are terrible so used is the way to go if the major mechanical issues were fixed by the previous owner.
    Unless you make very good money (kudos if you do), or are going to work on the car yourself for most of the work, as fast and as far as you can.
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      I can't afford or justify high repair costs, so I do most of my own repair work as long as it doesn't require contortions reserved for advanced Yogi's. The fiance had really bad luck driving trucks (my insurance can't handle the property damage,) but she loved driving this SUV. Figures that it's a typical VW....
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