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  • Axle replacments

    I am going to look for a stock 91-ish s13 passenger side axle.. but I am curious as no one made a thread as far as i know what are the options out there.

    I mean what are the year differences between 89-94 s13s, 95+ s14s, etc...

    I heard J30, Z32 axles are swappable too?

    Edumacate me.

    I've got an HLSD with those fancy output shafts as well.. so compatibility issues, pricing, etc...
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    Z32 definitely not. they use a 5 bolt flange and are a couple inches longer than the S-chassis axles. I tried to fit them in mine when I did the Z32 VLSD swap, and couldn't make it work. So I bought a J30 diff and swapped the flanges and am using the stock S14 axles.

    As for the J30 axles, I *doubt* they will fit. They may have the same flange pattern, but you need to look at track width as well- the axles for the J30 a probably going to be longer than the S13/S14.

    That's about all I can help with though.. wish I had more info. (although you might check the axle thread I made a week or two ago. There's some good info from others in there too)
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    I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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      Someone correct me if I'm wrong; but the best solution is to use output shafts (correct name for the shafts coming out from the side?) from an USDM s chassis vlsd pumpkin. Put them in whatever pumpkin you're running.

      I have a rear diff from a 180sx in mine with the 4.36 gearing, the person I bought it from hooked me up with the proper output shafts that allowed me to use USDM 240sx axles. I hear you can use OEM open diff output shafts from, but you need to trim the axle length slightly.


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        We need some visuals, now I'm getting confused with all the lingo lol.

        What I meant by output shafts is this:

        That's what I got when I had my HLSD installed...
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          HLSD output shafts are the only ones taht will work. Just find axles with the same bolt pattern and you're fine. Why not just stick with S13 axles? Upgraded axles are pretty much on the bottom of the list of things to upgrade on these cars.
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            Ah I was just wondering cost-effectiveness wise, if there's something that'll be cheap (say z32, j30, whatever) why not... I guess I'll do just that, I wanted some juicy info that's all


            Step up 'cheapest' of the bunch is:

            MSRP of $549.99, I'm sure some dealers on zilvia or something could get better pricing than MSRP, but I don't need this now. Apparently good for 800hp. Maybe good for later when I go v8...
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              After reading my post, I noticed I actually gave no relevant information to this thread. HAHAHAHA. Perhaps I just like to hear myself talk...

              Either way, if your oem axles work, find oem axles. I paid $80 for my refurbished axle after core exchange, I don't know how much cheaper you expect to be able to go.