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  • nismo exhaust hangers

    I've concluded that the hard polyurethane exhaust hangers i had installed really introduce noise.. they did on my dad's family car lol... I want to tone the car down as its unecessary to add more noise and have no benefit...

    As suggested in one of the threads the nismo ones are solid rubber, unlike the mushy oem rubber.

    Where and how much is the question.. lists as 13.99$ but doesn't say if it's JUST ONE or a couple or what...
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    You could try contacting them to ask .... ?

    Probably $14/ea.


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      Keep the circuit sports hangers.


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        Originally posted by Bumnah View Post
        Keep the circuit sports hangers.

        and for sure it is $13.99 each. There's no way nissan would sell you more then one for $13.99.
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          They're priced each. I have 3 and consider them money well spent.
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            I have three as well, and I think I remember spending about $50 shipped for them back in the day. I can definitely see them keeping the exhaust firmly attached to the chassis in the event of a dip in the road or worse. Understandably, a flex section would take care of this, but I would rather have the exhaust affixed to the chassis securely.
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