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What do you think about turbo kits from EBAY??

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  • What do you think about turbo kits from EBAY??

    Well im planing to buy a turbo kit from ebay t3/t4 but i know the turbo is not good but with the time i will change it for a garret or something like that.
    A friend toldme that ebay and manifold headers are good and piping too.
    what recomend me?

    just i got $1200dlls plus shipping

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    Save up for a name brand kit. Going cheap and then upgrading later is going to lead to disaster.


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      Only thing worth using from that Kit is the IC, the pipping, and maybe the Mani if you reinforce it...


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        Junk is junk whether its on ebay or not. Same goes for quality kits which are also on ebay.

        Hard to answer your question without real details and what you will be doing with the car.
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          what kit are you looking into? the biggest investment (provided you know what you are doing) when it comes to turbo kits is the manifold, which also depends on your hp and use. if you have the $, go for a kit, doesn't include the turbo, but their manifolds are great and very resistant to cracking.
          - Phil
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            It depends on your tolerance for wrenching. If you want to a get a kit and not worry about it ever having issues, a reputable kit would be the way to go.

            If you're savvy with tools, go for the Ebay kit. What's the worse that would happen, the turbo blow? Name brand turbos go up in smoke too. Just rebuild the sucker.

            There's a couple dudes here in Omaha that put together a ford Fairmont using an Ebay turbo, and junkyard components....the thing runs 9-second quarter miles. Nothing's gone bang on the thing yet as far as I know, and they've ran that car numerous times.

            The knee jerk reaction from others will be to buy the $7000 kit, but I say it's worth a shot to start cheap and work your way up to components that you know will require a high level of reliability from you (i.e. unless you're a road course junkie or trying to get into a magazine, a budget build isn't a bad route to take).

            Quick edit/addition: I agree 100% with flip240. JGS is a great balance of quality and price. I like the work they do and would suggest you start there with your turbo build.


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              ok thenks to all. im learning a lot in this forum i think the best one about nissan and circuit racing in the world .

              ill check
              but ill save more $ becouse the peso is devaluated right now $15.00 pesos = $1.00dlls