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  • ARP wheel studs

    Not sure of how many have actually gone through the process of adding longer wheel studs on the S13/S14 chassis or not. I did find a cost effective wheel stud at Summit for about $13 per 5 with the one catch that you now go from a 12x1.25 to a 12.1.5 thread pitch. No problem, open lugs are cheap. Why do it... With the open lugs, it sure looks like my studs are to short... even though I'm not using any spacers. I checked and I have a full 8 turns before the lug hits the wheel... acceptable, just not in my book. A stock stud -vs- ARP stud. To remove the oem studs after removing the caliper and rotor, I threaded back on the open lugs and used a BFH to tap them out... pretty straight forward. The kurl (part that is pulled through the hub) is close, but not perfect... similiar to the H&R studs I put on my sentra. How I pulled the ARP studs onto the hub. I used a 1/2" rachet and the appropriate deep socket to pull them in SLOWLY as far as I could by hand, then used a impact to back the lug off. Also, please don't forget to use some anti-sieze when doing this... much easier on the threads. Torque down the wheels everyday for a week to, to be safe. You never know if the studs are not 100% seated yet. And the finished product... looks much better IMHO