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SPL tie rod setup

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  • SPL tie rod setup

    I'm going back and forth on whether the SPL tie rod setup is worth it for my application and I'd like some input on the matter.

    I pulled my steering rack to depower it and in the process noticed that my outer tie rods are shot, and the inners are packed with dirt from ripped boots.

    My two options are Moog stock replacement inner/outer/boots from for around $200 shipped or SPL Z32 inners, V5 spherical outers and boots for ~$360 shipped.

    My car is mostly used for street driving with autocross every month and hopefully some open track stuff this year. I'm still stock height and will be for some time to come, so the bump steer adjustment doesn't matter to me. Is there an improvement in steering feel over typical ball joint OEM stuff with the spherical outers? Will I appreciate the increased strength on the track?
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    Just because you're stock height now doesn't mean you won't ever be lowered in the future, and when you do lower your car, the SPL outters will become handy, as you can just unbolt it from your spindle, throw on the appropriate sized spacer, and fix your bump steer in no time.

    I'd say go for the SPL now and save yourself some headaches down the road.


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      Remember though that those spacers do not necessarily fix bumpsteer. Bumpsteer is determined by the RELATIONSHIP of the arcs for the flca and the tie rod. Unless you change both pivot points you are not necessarily fixing anything and may actually be making it worse. Hopefully someone here can post some actual numbers as I have been curious about this subject.
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        The inner tie rod pivot is already in the right place, as far as I can tell. That is, directly behind the inner FLCA pivot in the front view. This is why I keep telling people to stop trying to "fix" their roll center by moving the inner FLCA pivot. This is also why SPL says that adding a dorifto spacer here adds bumpsteer.
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