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Mad drivetrain shake

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  • Mad drivetrain shake

    If I dump the clutch from a stop, my shifter will flop all over and it feels like I have tons of wheelhop. This is with stock motor & trans mounts, as well as the stock S14 rubber diff bushings. Anyone else have this occur? I'll be filling my stock mounts with urethane when I drop in the SR, and I've got some aluminum diff bushings to go in too.

    AKA...I'm bored and have no track events coming up or planned, so I'm posting on the internet about an issue that affects me only when I do stupid stuff at stoplights

    But seriously, it is pretty annoying. I hope it doesn't do this when I have the SR in and the aforementioned bushings/mounts are more solid.
    ~1992 240SX, SR20/Koni track day car
    ~2016 M3, daily driver

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    The rubber mounts are the easiest thing to give under drivetrain stress...that's all it is.
    Between rides...unless you count a WD21...


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      Sac up and get some aluminum in there son... Should go away.
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        I filled all three of my mounts with urethane along with having solid diff bushings and there is hardly any movement when launching.


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          how's the dd factor with semi solid mounts?


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            I filled the engine mounts in my last car. It was definitely stiffer, and there was more vibration, notably at specific RPM ranges, but overall not bad.
            ~1992 240SX, SR20/Koni track day car
            ~2016 M3, daily driver


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              Disregarding cost, are filled mounts better/not as good/about equal to a nice produced mount like cuscos?

              I know a few people that have filled mounts, I'm trying to decide whether to do that or buy, cost being no factor.

              I know what you're talking about though, its annoying as hell...I want to do all solid subframe stuff and multilink asap, plus the engine and tranny mounts.

              I want to also say traction rods in the rear can help? Dont quote me on that though I cant even remember where I heard it.
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                How much do you race your car? If you drive it daily like I do, urethane filling is the best option IMO: stiffer than Nismo, yet more civilized than any solid style mount like cusco, projectnissan, etc. For dirt cheap.


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                  I drove my peak performance race tranny + cusco engine mounts yesterday for a bit, its not that bad honestly lol...
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                    Every other bushign in the rear other than the LCA and diff bushings is spherical.

                    I'd never pay $150 for mounts when I could fill mine for like $15. Stiffer is stiffer...this isn't a complex item with close tolerances and moving parts.
                    ~1992 240SX, SR20/Koni track day car
                    ~2016 M3, daily driver