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Lowering engine with different mounts

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  • Lowering engine with different mounts

    I was about to buy a Dmax hood, which has a cool louvered vent but apparently hits some people's motors. Reading up on this, I discovered these, from Xcessive Manufacturing:

    They're replacement brackets to lower the motor 3/4". They claim the driveline angle changes by less than 1*. Seems like a good idea, depending on what kind of oilpan to ground/sway clearance you have. Probably would have to modify your exhaust setup though. I have poly exhaust hangers with basically no give, so dropping it 3/4" isn't gonna happen. Thoughts?
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    We've used the solid mounts on a few cars, but they were mostly drag or drift cars.

    Rich (owner of Xcessive) is local to me, so I get to play with his toys.
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      Oh yea, I had forgotten they were up in the NW too.

      I'm a big fan of window welded mounts, especially since the tired old stockers sag a bit and then the engine is slightly lower. But the window weld fill technique does seem to give a good stiffness level without resorting to poly or solid mounts.
      ~1992 240SX, SR20/Koni track day car
      ~2016 M3, daily driver


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        Now with these and Nismos mounts it will sit normal right? One drops the motor and the other raises it back up