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Front endlinks dilemma

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  • Front endlinks dilemma

    So I got my s13 front tanabe swaybars a while back and bought these endlinks from PDMracing on the bottom of the page:

    I was going to order individual parts as per PJ's suggestion however... before I get into what I just realized (his were also whiteline + s14), to begin with when I contacted the company he mentioned for parts they weren't willnig to ship to me to canada.... and only to cnc/me/specific shops/etc...

    So I was like hey wth why not this guy is supplying aurora bearings, seems descent, etc... ill just pay it (shipping and customs included it would come out close anyways whoopie do i wanted it fast).

    I got em.. and now installing them i realize its a no go, as the stock style is perpendicular in design and this one is with the L profile bracket + parallel heim joints.

    So I'm screwed... and I don't wana reuse the stock rubber/thermoplastic **** i have now.

    Should I just go ahead and build an L profile like in the pic (he suggested me angle iron and drilling 5/16” hol... and maybe welding L profile onto LCA? Good bad?

    He also said maybe i could get another heim joint of sorts that plugs into LCA directly but that i wouldnt have articulation so it might be bad idea.

    UFF... help.. i want this @*#@#*(*(@ back on the road :@ One last track day of local 240 club october 5th that i wanted to make it to... otherwise i gotta hunt some other clubs if theyre gona hold any more track days for the year
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    Go to Lowes/Home-Depot, etc and buy a short piece of angle iron and cut your own L-brackets like the ones in the picture. I did something similar when I used the stock end-links on an aftermarket bar. You can bolt it to your LCA through the existing hole. That way you can remove it when/if you change your mind!
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