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  • Shifting issues

    I have a completely stock s13 ka24de and During hpde Fter about the 3rd session when trying to shift 3-4 it will sometimes go 3-2. It's not driver error because the same thing happens with my brother and father driving the car.

    Anybody have any ideas what it could be? I was hoping it could be one side of shifter return springs failed since that's an easy change lol.

    But hoping someone has had that issue here with their sr20det or ka24de trans?

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    Are you back handing the shifter, or grabbing it like your weenis?
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      I've seen a ton of people misshift on track doing it the other way, which tends to pull it towards you. Stock return springs are really weak, so it's easy to go to another gate.
      '18 Chevrolet Volt - Electric fun hatch for DD duty!

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        Check/replace engine mounts too.

        I was missing a lot of shifts and broke multiple transmissions because I was using soft engine mounts (I tried both new OEM and NISMO mounts.) Shifting right at redline/rev limit, the engine was bucking a lot when it would hit the limit and on soft mounts, that was causing the engine to rock enough I was yanking the shifter into the wrong gate.

        I swapped to some JGS engine and trans mounts and bronze shifter bushing, and my shifting has improved about a gazillion times.

        Something to consider.. pop your hood and start the engine, rev it a few times, shut it off, yank parking brake and try to move a lil in 1st/reverse etc.. does the engine visibly move during those times? if so, that's too much engine movement for a track car.. If it moves under those low load conditions, think of how much it's actually moving when you're slamming through gears, on and off the gas, etc..
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