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Help Identify this LSD I bought from Japan

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  • Help Identify this LSD I bought from Japan

    Picked up this diff mainly for the 4.36 ratio and figured if the LSD was good, it would be a steal. The thing is assembled and spins freely and properly so I'm tempted to just put it in and see how/if it works, but I would like to know what brand it is since I can't see any identifying marks. Does it look familiar to anyone? [see attachments]
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    Looks like a KAAZ I had, but I'm no expert.
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      I don't think the brand is all that important. I'd probably pull it out and check the condition of the clutch plates, but most units don't seem to get many miles on them, so it's probably good.

      Looks to be a 1 way, which is better than a 2 way for track usage IMO.
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        I was mostly concerned with the brand just so I would know how to service it properly. I'm sure I'll figure it out once I pull it apart and yes I thought it was a 1 way as well.

        Thanks for the responses.