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Replacment front spindles

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  • Replacment front spindles

    Now, there's been talk of this from JDM land for drifting use for a while but now its becoming more relavent state side and there's quite a few companies coming out with it...

    From what I understood previously this was meant to increase steering angle but in this thread if i understood right it changed something else instead of increasing steering angle, resulting in quicker steering.

    This could prove useful no?.. in grip/actual track racing... if you're running huge tires up front to ease up steering? Make it quicker to transition? Maybe then not require toe out?... Run toe in to make it more stable yet still remain quicker?... Or am I misunderstanding the whole point... Me still suspension newb, so enlighten me... Does it change sai, steering inclination thingamajig. i remember reading this can like caster increase stability and can influence ease of steering?... but s.a.i is not adjustable and is set from factory...

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    if i remember Brian (Owner of MA Motorsports) telling me about them they just cut off the bump-stops and it allows you to turn another few degrees. No other changes were made to it cant help you steer quicker.

    For roadracing i wouldnt want to steer quicker as i would just less. Like using a HICAS rack or something. Smooth steering is what all track racers should be going for not the auto-x quickness, that might be something for those guys to consider.
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      They shortened the steering arm on the spindle, so you can get more angle and also quicker steering at a higher effort.

      I wouldn't bother for a track car.
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        I think I'm more interested in where the KW Clubsports came from.



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          I'm pretty sure MA Motorsports is a KW dealer, I could be wrong but I know Brian has had at least one other set for sale on the local drift forum (lookoutdrift).