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Final Drive Bolt Does Fit!

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  • Final Drive Bolt Does Fit!

    *typo It DOESNT fit

    So the Kaaz 2 way I ordered finally arrive and everything was going well until we tried to fit the final drive onto the new LSD.

    The Final Drive bolts are too big!

    I ordered a Kaaz for an OEM viscous set up, which should have bolted right in.

    Any idea why the bolts on my current LSD are a bit bigger? The final drive has 48:11 etched into it. Could my current final drive and differential set be from some weird car?
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    After some determined googling, there ARE 2 different bolt sizes for the ring gear.

    The shop and I are discussing whether or not to machine an extra set of bolt holes into the ring gear for the smaller 12mm ring bolts.


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      Just buy the correct bolt sizes


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        Its a bit more complicated than that. The holes on the LSD are smaller than the holes of the threaded part inside the ring gear.

        We found a solution that might help other people here: machine the holes on the LSD to fit the bigger (13mm?) bolt.

        If ever i want to swap to a ring gear that uses the smaller (12mm?) Bolt, one can purchase a set of nismo s15 helical differential ring gear bolts (13mm shank, 12mm threaded portion)