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oil pressure in sr20det

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  • oil pressure in sr20det

    Whats up guys

    So i know that the fsm states anything above 11psi is fine for oil pressure, but what reading should i take from a fluctuating oil pressure?

    I want to upgrade my sr with parts i already have (2871r, injectors, maf) and get a tune, but my oil pressure is making me a little eerie.

    It fluctuates between 13 and 21 psi. Usually showing 15psi, but it fluctuates consistently that i dont know what to think of it. It sometimes fluctuates to 10psi. Not sure if its just a misreading or not.

    You guys think i would be fine?

    I can get a video to show what im seeing, if itd help.

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    Thats on a warm engine at idle (850rpm) at 180 degrees F

    engine sits at about 70 on a cold start. (about 2000rpm)

    2000-2500 rpm at 40-50mph pressure is at about 40-50psi.

    60-80mph at 3500-4000rpm pressure is at 50-60psi

    And i did a 4th gear WOT and at 5500rpm i was at 70psi


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      You're fine.
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