Well, in continuation to the other thread (and since I didn't want to pollute it), I decided to start this thread.

Turns out my ECU has bluetooth connectivity which I can stream data to either my Droid Tablet or phone. I have an Ellipsis tablet from Verizon (odd sizing at 8") I want to use, but looking for a quick and easy way to mount it in the line of start, but not at the windshield. What would be cool is s steering column mount with a bearing mount for the column and a fixed mount for the tablet remains static during steering activity.

Something like below would be nice, but options are wide open! I do know the (spec) miata guy use fabricated bracket to mount to the steering column cover, so something similar to that could work as well.


Below is the dash I am working with (NOT MY dash! stolen from google, but I have the same vehicle).