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Preventing S14 oem fuel tank from cracking

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  • Preventing S14 oem fuel tank from cracking

    I recently discovered my fuel tank developed a leak and plan on purchasing a new tank from nissan. From what I have been reading it is common for these tanks to crack and wanted to know if there are any ideas to prevent this from happening in the future or prolong the life of the tank?

    I have not pulled my tank yet to pinpoint the location of the leak but majority of s14 owners noted the passenger side as the culprit. My plans are to line the tank straps with strips of buna and look for other areas that could benefit with some extra padding. As I don't know what the actual reason for these tanks cracking could be. Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated.

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    Are they two bonded pieces? If so, they probably crack at the seam and you could reinforce it with an epoxy or something like that.
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      Yes seems like most cases the crack occurs perpendicular to the seam of the tank. I will look into reinforcing along the seam as well.

      I'm starting to think because of the irregular shape of the tank it is not properly supported causing the additional stress over time.