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Z1 Solid Tension Rod Bushings

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  • Z1 Solid Tension Rod Bushings

    I was browsing around to see if there was anything interesting for the S-Chassis and came across these bushings on the Z1 site.

    Has anyone tried these bushings or have experience with something similar?

    I've picked up a few parts from Z1 in the past and they have good customer service, but I never tried their custom products.

    Thank you.
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    Just replace the whole arm with one of the hundreds of brand of aftermarket tension rods. You have zero adjustability with those.
    Originally posted by SoSideways
    I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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      What that guy said.

      Sounds like an answer to a question no one was asking...
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        ^what these guys said- I would just pick up some adjustable tension rods.

        These do seem like a great product though if one just wants to "tighten up" the front end's suspension a bit. I'd say if one has no desire to adjust caster and or if the OEM rubber bushings are shot, this seems like it would be a good option.
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          a whole adjustable tension rod set is only 60 dollars more than that fyi. Doesn't seem worth it to me to try the Z1s.