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KA24E Leaking Valve

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  • KA24E Leaking Valve

    Okay, so I still consider myself a relative noob with the KA motor. After the last race I did my usual walk through of checking everything. Decided to do a leak down and sure enough #3 and #4 were over 20%. So I was able to trace it to intake. So I pulled the head to inspect. Put some solvent in the combustion area, blow some air through the intake and sure enough bubbles. So take the head to my machinist. He checks the valves make sure nothing is bent. They are fine, so we just do a valve job, skim seats and lap. Take it over put some solvent in the intake runners and sure enough it weeps. Decide to lap valves one more time. Nothing changes, still weeps. When we really started looking it appears that it is weeping where the two seats adjoin. You can see it come through the backside edges of the seats not around the where the valve hits the seat. Being new to the KA was not sure if this is a "common" issue or is there something else going on here? Any suggestions on possible fixes? Thanks in advance.


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    redneck fix: remove seats, dab in JB weld. replace seats.

    sorry, can't help otherwise. strange issue.
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      That is strange. Makes me wonder if maybe the valves were bent before and banged the seat in its bore (in extreme cases it'll loosen them up enough to make them drop out!).

      Other alternative is the head overheating then being resurfaced. It can cause the bores to distort and not be an interference fit all the way around the seat.
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