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    These are the Prerequisites to building a SOHC Turbo. Together we will go through typical setups from mild to extreme to reach the power goals you desire. These are lists of typically used items that are easily attainable by the average person. All setups should have the Air to Fuel Ratio verified on a dyno with wideband or at very least on a track using an in-car wideband setup (NO watching the standard O2 signal and calling it good). If your using pump gas and seeing air to fuel ratios more lean than 11.8:1-12:1, some rethinking on the tuning/fuel setup will be needed. A narrowband guage(typical A/F guage from Autometer for instance) is not complex enough to be a real indication of the ratios inside your combustion chamber. Very Mild Build: around 180 rwhp Turbo Manifold Blow Off Valve Turbo (T25) Downpipe 2.5" is perfectly fine Pipe to connect turbo to throttle body Fuel Control: FMU (not recommended, but doable) Raises fuel pressure per boost to make injectors flow more than normal. DSM 450cc Injectors or Comparable (These injectors are low impedence, while the ECU requires high impedence. Making it necessary to wire in resistors to alter that so the ECU can control them. These can be found at places found at the bottom) Apexi SAFC2 Greddy Emanage Mild power adder, say you want around 200 rwhp. Turbo Manifold Blow Off Valve Small Intercooler (potentially get away with a side mount) Turbo T25/T28/14B, etc. Smaller T2 setups. Usually will be internally wastegated. Downpipe 2.5" is perfectly fine Replacing the Exhaust is starting to be very necessary at this stage, so I would start to shop for that as well. Fuel Control DSM 450cc Injectors Apexi SAFC2 Greddy Emanage Back off base timing at distributor or MSD BTM Average: 300 rwhp to 350 rwhp, you have to start to expect a little more lag. This is about the perfect "street car" limit. No race gas, just good honest street car fun that is fully capable of bring home a 12 second timeslip on a good run. Turbo Manifold T3/T04E .50 Trim compressor, .60 trim compressor housing / Stg 3 (aka TA31) turbine wheel, .48 to .63 A/R exhaust housing. Internal wastegate optional but not recommended. Downpipe can still be 2.5", but this is as far as I would want to push that. Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) It's time to upgrade to a larger front mount as the larger will push more air than the smaller sidemount can cool. Fuel Control 550cc Injectors SAFC2 to control your fuel injectors, along with the stock ecu. MSD BTM At this stage I would be running the BTM to control timing retard. Reflashed ECU-This can be a DIY thing with Eprom Tuning or a JWT. This is the largest JWT is capable of flashing for those that want it. Z32 Maf is required, as the stock Maf stops being able to read at around 260 rwhp. Wideband O2 Sensor should be installed for tuning. Block Internals This is where I would start to consider it necessary to replace you pistons. Above Average: 350 rwhp to 425 rwhp Turbo Manifold Blow Off Valve T3/T04E 50 Trim .48/.63 or slightly larger turbo, this is where I would start to make the switch up to an external wastegate. You have the option to reroute it back into the exhaust, or merely "dump" it out into the open. "Dump" is usually a mini exhaust in the form of 1.5" piping routed out to the open. FMIC Larger is starting to be necessary. Typical for setups from here on, are 12"x24"x3" for the core. Downpipe 3", at this point I would switch to the larger downpipe. You can probably get away with it at 2.5", but it will be causing a little bit of backpressure. Moving to 3" piping as quickly as possible is what you want though. Usually it is necessary to have the first bend 2.5" to clear the steering shaft though. Exhaust 3" Block Internals At this stage you'll want to "build" or fortify your block to better handle boost. Previous to this you can walk the line, but here and forward I find it necessary to do so. Forged Rods Forged Pistons Stock Crank Plus your typical rebuild items. Fuel Control Standalone fuel management is recommended at this stage in the game and is absolutely necessary at the next. These allow you control not only very large injectors, but the tuner to have complete control over both timing and fuel. 720cc Injectors. Wideband O2 Sensor is necessary for tuning. Wild Build: 425 rwhp to 600 rwhp. Lag is obviously going to be much more apparent, full boost isn't going to happen until around 4000-5000 rpms or so. Once spooled it will pull very hard. Turbo Manifold Turbo T3/T61/SC61 or GT35R seem to be the typical turbo's in the area. External Wastegate is your only option that should be considered. Blow Off Valve You'll want a good performing more expensive blow off valve to alleviate reverted air when the throttle body closes from pushing against the compressor wheel. FMIC the 24"x12"x3" Core's are still effective in this range. Downpipe 3" is still capable of handling these power levels Exhaust 3" or larger Fuel Control 720cc-1600cc Injectors Standalone Fuel Management Recommeded to switch to Map instead of Maf for reading airflow. Wideband 02 Sensor installed and wired into standalone for adjustments and monitoring. Dyno tuning is very valuable. Block Internals Along with the previously mentioned internals I would add these to the list Cam (per your discretion) Build your head as well Solid Lifter Conversion (not required, but not a bad idea) Valve Springs Valve Retainers ARP Head/Main Studs Cometic Headgasket or similar Absolute turbo necessities...amongst the aforementioned goodies above. Oil Lines (Picture of good return location) Boost gauge Here's lists of aftermarket products that are currently on the market Turbo Build Parts Turbo Manifold (Exhaust Manifold) JGS Precision BOV Tial Greddy RS JGS HKS SSQV Wastegates Tial JGS Turbonetics Block Internals Pistons: Can be accomplished one of two ways, by purchasing ones that are made for the E with their intended compression ratio. The other is to use DE pistons and subtract a full compression point to equal the difference between the E and DE head. (ie 9:1 DE pistons will be 8:1 in an E) Arias 8.8:1(E) Wiseco 9:1(DE) 8:1(E) JE Ross 8.5:1(E) CP 9:1(DE) 8:1(E) Rods: Any rod that will fit the bottom end of the DE will work with E as well. Crower Pauter Carillo Eagle (release tbd) Bearings Whatever your preference is for rebuilds. Mine is Clevite. Headgasket SCE gaskets Valves SI valves Cams PDM Racing Nissan Motorsports Colt Cams JWT Technology Solid Lifter Conversion Kit Typical Injectors Used on SOHC DSM (Eclipse/Talon/Laser) 450cc Injectors *Low Impedence* RX-7 T2 550cc Injectors *High Impedence* Denso 195500-2020 RX7 FC NA Top feed 460cc Low *86-87* RX7 FC NA Top feed 460cc High *88* RX7 FC NA Top feed 460cc High *89-91* RX7 FC turbo Top feed 550cc Low *86-87* RX7 FC turbo Top feed 550cc High *88* RX7 FC turbo Top feed 550cc High *89-91* RX7 FC NA Top feed 680cc Low *84-85* CA18DET 370cc Injectors *Low Impedence* Injector Resistors (To alter low impedence to work with a high impedence ecu) JWT Technology JGS Precision
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