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240sx s13/180sx - VQ swap enquiries

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  • 240sx s13/180sx - VQ swap enquiries

    Hi guys,
    I'm from Australia and looking for some guidance
    I'm looking to possibly do a VQ swap into my 180sx (has sr20det as standard) and was wondering what exact costs are involved and what exact items I will need for the swap?
    I remember seeing on ebay a while back VQ swap packages being advertised, however they are now no longer up? Any particular reason why?

    To throw a spanner into the works, I have already acquired a vq25det and z33 gearbox. If I can't use this motor then I will have no choice but to go vq35de - however I am 90% certain that the same VQ swap components can be used with the vq25det swap? Can anyone confirm this?

    With regards to the conversion parts, I've gathered that I may need the following:
    1 - Chase Bays Clutch Line
    2 - McKinney VQ35 Drive Shaft
    3 - Nismo adjustable short shifter for 350z
    4 - BBK Performance Ford Mustang Throttle Position Sensor
    5 - Professional Products 75mm Mustang Throttle Body
    6 - Adapter plate required to run the above throttle body with the vq intake manifold
    7 - McKinney VQ35 Mount Kit - Nissan 240sx
    8 - McKinney VQ35 Shifter Bracket MCK-VQ-SB

    This comes to a total of about 2k usd
    Is anything else required for a vq swap? What have I missed?
    Are there any other "hidden" costs involved? Or any more information I will need to know about to complete this vq swap?

    What will need to be done regarding the wiring?
    (I will be running a haltech platinum sport 1000)

    I'd like to maintain power steering and air conditioning ... is this possible?
    Chase bays use to have a power steering vq swap kit but now it is no longer available?

    Will a custom radiator be required or will the standard 180sx one suffice?

    Does anyone know the weight differences between an sr20det and a vq35de?
    And does anyone know the weight differences between a vq25det and a vq35de?

    Any help and advice is greatly appreciated, cheers guys!

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    I have a VQ35HR swapped S14 but unfortunately, I can't lend much help. I purchased the car swapped by vq35goofus. Maybe send him a pm to ask. I haven't had many big issues with the car that he's done work on.

    The only difference I do know is that you might have the option of mounting the starter on the passenger side to clear the steering knuckle to the rack. That's an issue that Casey had to overcome when swapping the motor into the chassis. I'm not familiar with the VQ25DET, but the VQ30DET has starter mounting positions on both sides. You may also have to consider a J30 diff if you want to retain a speed sender too. The KA and SR both use speed sensors located on the trans bell housing but it was moved to the diff with the VQ.

    I believe the VQ35 comes in about 25 lbs under the SR. And I have AC and power steering with the VQ35HR swap.


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      Here's one going in an S15;
      Don Johnson (really!)
      Just so you know.