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Tire sidewalls cut up by fender - replace?

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  • Tire sidewalls cut up by fender - replace?

    This feels like a dumb question already but I figured I'd get some input.

    Long story short, I played with my suspension without much testing time and tore my tire up at the track. The sidewall in particular got the beating.

    Should this definitely be replaced? Passenger looks roughest, driver has a smaller cut.
    It's a noticeably deep groove around 1/3 of the tire circumference. Of course I don't want to chance weak sidewalls on a track car, and this one looks iffy to me.



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    That first one would make me a bit nervous...
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      Wow! Did your fender cut an entire valley in the tire?!?!

      Yeah, I would be worried too. Better get a baseball bat or an eastwood fender roller and get that sorted (or just run more camber )


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        Doesn't look like it got any of the belts, so the structure should be ok.

        Not great, but you can still run them like that. The real risk is if you hit a bump, and it goes up and pulls the lip down on you, then it'll cut into the tire a lot more. Those fenders don't look rolled. DO IT, then hammer them flush so it's impossible for the tire to grab into them.
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          Already ordered a new RS3, playing it safe with this one.

          As for rolling, will I have better luck if I cut slits into the square edge of the fender and make it flat, then roll? It's this edge that does the cutting so that will help.
          Maybe this is what you're talking about Sleepy.


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            If you do the roll properly, you won't have to worry about cutting the fender apart. Mine is just about folded flat and I did it with a chunk of PVC pipe. only problem was I didn't remove one fender liner screw (see the screw hole visible at the 4th mark), and that screw cracked the paint when it dented the fender outward. Had I been smart enough to remove that screw first, it wouldn't have hurt the fender at all.

            There is some stretching of the lip around the circumference while you're rolling the fender-- that's why you gotta do it slowly and gently. Well that and not to crack the paint.
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              Heat gun can prevent cracking in the paint.

              Like Matt said, the metal stretches a bit as it's thin sheet metal.
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                no need to cut it. remove the screws and roll it. the metal will stretch a bit. apply some heat to the paint to prevent cracking. cutting it gives more surface for rust cancer to start/grow.

                that tire looks ok to run... keep it as a spare since u already bought a replacement.


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                  Don't cut it, it will rust. It is hard to get paint in all of the areas you expose when you do. If you can, borrow a fender roller from a buddy and use a heat gun. You can get a real healthy pull in there for added space for tires while you are at it.
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                    Please do not cut the fender. Starting from the top of the arch and working outwards in either direction will prevent unwanted creasing (and bend in small increments with reheating); just make sure to keep it hot with a heatgun (like burn your hand hot , but not paint boiling/burning hot)- especially the crease where the paint will have to flex the most.

                    Oh and just keep in mind, how thin the front fender is. I used a roller and a non-marring mallet with a heat gun. Wasn't paying attention with the passenger side and accidentally aimed a little too high with the mallet (right above the fold) and put a little dent in the fender- not too noticeable, but its there.
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