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Vacuum tube on KA24DE

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  • Vacuum tube on KA24DE

    I have been tracking my rough idle even though it has been doing that for years. I took off the IACV from the back of the intake manifold and tried to take it apart to clean the spring however the epoxy was giving me issues to remove the screw. I went ahead and took the spare IACV from my other motor and put it on without cleaning. Same idle, nothing has changed.

    So now I think I must have some vacuum leak.

    While I was looking around I found a tube below my intake manifold that is not plugged (motor doesn't have EGR). Should this be plugged? What is it for? (couldnt find anything in FSM).

    See yellow arrow pointed to it in the photo.
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    If your FPR is plugged in then just cap it.
    Probably for something you deleted and forgot.


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      I think that is a hard line that comes out around the Throttle Body, so you're probably correct in your assumption that you have a vacuum leak. Could be wrong as it's been a decade since I've worked on a KA.


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        Once my car will be able to start then I will let it idle and see if I feel any air being sucked in.