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Wiring up 0-5V TPS?

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  • Wiring up 0-5V TPS?

    So, my new IM setup has a throttle body flanged for a 75m Mustang throttle body (came with a SR performance 75mm mustang TB BTW). The 98-04 year mustang 4.6 are the ones which are compatible

    Here is my question: The TPS for the mustang is a simple 0-5V 3 wire TPS. The SR20DET (specifically the #62 ECU) also uses a simple 0-5V 3 wire TPS. Is wiring up another 3 wire TPS as simple as matching up the wiring (ground to ground, 5V to 5V and signal wire to signal wire) and doing a sweep with a voltmeter hooked up to make sure throttle closed is .4-.5 Volts and throttle open is >4.6 Volts??

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    I would think so. It's just a potentiometer.
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      That's exactly what I was thinking! I may however size down the TB and re-use a stock one as I am little concerned of losing too much throttle movement resolution with the rather large for a 320-400WHP SR.