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Z32 vs SR20DET (S13) TB?? Comparison??

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  • Z32 vs SR20DET (S13) TB?? Comparison??

    Quick question

    Does any know what inherent different there are between the S13 SR20DET TB and one from a Z32 300ZX?? Also, is there a difference in TPS plug and configuration??

    Essentially, I would like to know if a 300ZX TB can be bolted up and ran on a S13 SR20DET?? Also, is the bolt pattern and spacing the same between the two?? I have a manifold that is falling into my lap and I want to know if I can swap in my own TB or if I can wire up the 300ZX TB.


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    The Z32 throttle bodies are smaller (54mm or so?). The SR has a 60mm throttle body. (Personal Site)
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      Can a SR TB bolt up to a Z32 bolt pattern??

      Essentially aa custom manifold fell into my lap but it has a Z32 TB mated up to it and I wondering if I can just bin it for the SR TB (note: haven't purchased it yet).


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        I know the Z32 guys upgrade to dual 240SX/stanza throttle bodies, and I think I remember seeing them being a bolt on affair, just some modifications to coolant pipes and throttle linkage or something of that sort. You'll have to search around for details, just going off of memory, lol. (Personal Site)
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          .........Well it may not work afterall. It has no provisions for IACV and not sure if I want to remote mount it either pfffttttt.

          EDIT: Can anyone still post any more details by any chance?? Remote mount IACV is fairly easy, so may just do it since the price is right!
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            I agree with "2_Liter_Turbo". The KA24DE TB bolts up to a VG30DETT and the KA24DE definitely bolts to a SR20DET. If you don't get an answer here, try, which is where I think I read about it.
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