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  • rust issue

    hey guys so i found some more rust and its kinda making me lose my desire to finish this build on this car. wanted your opinion on what i should do? if i should repair it and how to repair it or should i just patiently wait and find another shell.

    this rust is on the passenger floor. the first pics with the hole is in the front where the passnger places there feet. the last pics are of the back floor where the passenger sitting in the back seat place their feet

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    Is that all the rust the chassis has? I'm thinking the framerails and areas behind each wheel are probably rotten with that much nasty.

    That said, hit it with a wire wheel, cut out beyond the edges of the rust. Get some new 16 ga sheet metal the same shape (16 Ga is thicker than original), tack weld it all around the perimeter. Then grind tack welds flush. Paint with a couple coats of paint. Good enough for government work.

    Not very hard, but if there's a lot more extensive rust, I'd probably be thinking about a southern car. Mine doesn't have a spot of rust anywhere (and I'd know, I've had the whole thing apart... a lot).
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      Yea the wheel well we're rusted but I cut out and repaired it all since I'm putting the rocket bunny flares.

      Does this area have any time of structural support that I should be concerned about?


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        Not any more than another part of the car. Even a structural area is easy to repair. Use 16 ga and you'll be fine.
        '18 Chevrolet Volt - Electric fun hatch for DD duty!

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          What he said.
          depending on how hard it is for you to weld sheet metal, it may or may not be worth cleaning up.

          When you're done, POR-15 the whole floor- inside and out. it'll add a couple pounds to the chassis but will slow/stop the rust.
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          I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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