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S13 Front Strut OD help for Sleeves

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  • S13 Front Strut OD help for Sleeves

    Hey gang,

    I am looking to build a simple sporty suspension for my vert. I decided to go with a Koni Yellow insert all around with Eclipse rears.

    I dont see the value in buying a GC Kit since there are other companies out there that sell same type of stuff for cheaper and probably better or similar quality.

    I found some sleeves on ebay from QA1 and AFCO that I want to try to make work over the stock strut after gutting it.


    I think something like that matched with some Hypercoil springs and a Fortune Auto Radial Bearing + Pillowball mounts would make it for a fun cfar to drive around the streets and occasional spirited mountain drive.

    Does anyone know the Outer Diameter of the front OEM strut? I want to see if QA1 or AFCO have sleeves that will work instead of getting GC.

    Thank you

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    I am also seeing great shocks made out of Bilstein insert in the front.
    I can cut, but I cant weld so my choices are pretty limited to creativity

    What are the advantages or running a Bilstein insert vs Koni Yellow or 8610?
    I like the inverted shock design.


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      A Koni 86 requires a custom housing.

      A bilstein or koni yellow fit in a stock housing, though both *should* be lowered in the housing to keep them off the bumpstops.


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        Thank you for the reply. I understand the housings required for the koni 861x. I am just looking to build a streetable suspension for my convertible but do not want coilovers. I tried a set of Stance Procomp and they were not what I was looking for.

        Is cost vs performance the reason why some run bilstein vs koni yellow?


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          Well for s13 there is no easy button rear bilstein option.

          I just finished putting together a f/r 3000gt bilstein setup in my daily driven hatch, and I'm not 100% in love with it. I used non-stock housings from Veilside f/r, and front 3000gt shocks in back which i had revalved by bilstein to copy the valving of a rear z32 bilstein HD.

          It's alright, but still not quite as soft as I want. You'll see the setup for sale in the classifieds here soon.

          Konis are simpler to pull off, especially yellows.


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            Thank you again. I saw your build and posts about Bilsteins. I was thinking of running a Bilstein Front and Koni yellow rear. Do you think that is more forgivable?

            e1_griego I am actually from Portland OR and grew up driving the mountainous roads in Columbia river gorge and thats where my passion comes from to have a more grip oriented suspension setup. Unfortunately, I now live in Houston and the roads here are straight and not of the best build quality. I am now very jealous of people with OR in their location


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              I went from z32 yellows in back, to 8610s, then to bilsteins and now I have 8611s on the way. I think z32 or eclipse yellows are what you're looking for (depending on which upright you want to use).

              The bilsteins do feel good in front, and are cheaper than the konis so you might as well.

              OR is a bit light on racetracks and the NW generally is very light on autocross venues, but we do alright


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                I have zero experience on the track, but I loved driving mountain roads. Maybe down the road I'll weld the top of the windshield frame to the body of the car of my vert to keep it from twisting and go to the track Surprisingly, I had a Hatch and a Vert, and I think the vert handles better than the hatch, in stock form.

                Bilstein Front and Eclipse Rears it is. Im excited about the setup now.

                As far as threaded sleeves go, I was hoping to get some cheaper ones and invest money into a good spring like Hypercoil or Swift.

                I was hoping anyone had any insight if 2" ID AFCO sleeves or QA1 or even the cheap 50$ ebay sleeves would work?

                And for the front I was thinking of getting a threaded sleeve long enough rest on strut spindle mount instead of the stock spring perch weld.


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                  I don't put a single bit of stock into spending money on swift springs. $37/ea QA1 springs work just fine.


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                    Originally posted by e1_griego View Post
                    I don't put a single bit of stock into spending money on swift springs. $37/ea QA1 springs work just fine.
                    Is QA1 a good spring?
                    I havent had good luck finding a QA1 spring in 6in at 400 lb/in rate for the front. Any other suggestions for a good quality 6in spring with a 375-400 lb/in rate?


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                      PAC springs are the only cheaper ones that I've found in 6". Pretty much everything is 7"


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                        I see what you mean. I think the link below is a good choice for front springs for about 60-70$



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                          Oh yeah, that's the way to go, then.


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                            e1_griego, how much of a drop did you get with your Bilstein setup in the front?


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                              It's a coilover sleeve on a non-stock housing. It's as much drop as you want.