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Rear pillowball help.

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  • Rear pillowball help.

    I ordered a set of cheapo ebay arms for the rear of my s13 and will be upgrading the rod ends. How loose/tight should the fitment be when placing the pillowball in the subframe mounting point?

    The rod ends on the traction arms I got are 4mm wider then both the ruca and toe. There is no way to install the traction rod unless you were to hammer it in (obviously something is wrong here). Both the ruca and toe rod ends fit in their respective places just a little on the loose side. It's been years since I installed arms on my friends car and can't remember how fitment was for reference.

    How snug should the rod ends be without the bolts tightened all the way down?

    I will be ordering rod ends from midwest control and don't know what sizing to use as the ebay arms seem to be all slightly different.
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    I no unnerstand prollem. please post pic
    Originally posted by SoSideways
    I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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      Traction rod which will not fit.

      Toe arms which fit almost perfect, just a little loose.

      So the question is how tight should they be in the subframe slots before tightening down? Should they slide in with a little force and be snug, or does it matter if they have a touch of movement side to side?
      - '93 S13 (the long awaited fun machine)
      - '05 E46 (the S13 fund evaporator)


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        They should have roughly 0.1-0.5 mm of clearance. 1 mm is probably borderline acceptable, but definitely on the high side.

        Opening on both for an S13 subframe is 40 mm IIRC. So it looks like one is 2 mm too wide (will never fit), and the other has about 1.5 mm of clearance (you didn't capture the full venier scale, so I'm eyeballing here). The large one is obviously too large, and I'd say the other is a bit too loose. I'd throw a M12 or 1/2" washer on one side and call it a day for the one with a lot of clearance.

        The others are obviously F'd.
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          Just file or grind off the excess. Don't get it very warm as you go.