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S14 FLCA ball joint boot

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  • S14 FLCA ball joint boot

    Posted this on another forum, figured I'd check here cause I know there are more suspension aficionados on here.

    So I've searched around online for a solid 45 minutes now. I'm trying to find replacement boots for the front lower control arm ball joints on the OEM S14 arms, and I'm having a ****ty time trying to find the right sized ones.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction here? I found ball joint measurements online (see attachment), but I can't match anything exactly on the energy suspension site, does anyone know a part number that will work for these arms? Or even another manufacturer that has these boots available? I figure replacement rubber ones will be available through the dealership, but I was hoping for a urethane replacement here.

    Energy Suspension link for boots/measurements:
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    In all honesty, unless your balljoints are brand new, you are better off buying new MOOG balljoints. They are only $20 + shipping from Rockauto and you may spend just as much just purchasing the boot (and not to mention the time spent searching for it).

    $22 + free LBJ rental tool + 35 mins to change ball joint > spending days finding the boot to place over (if this is the case) your old LBJ.


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      $22? The moog ones I always see are $60ish per joint.

      Boots are really inexpensive, so I figured if the joint is still tight, but the boot is torn, this is the most cost effective option.


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        They are $19.64 on rockauto. Only $22 from summit.

        Frsport is never the best price, ever.

        Try googling the part number, moog k9820.


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          The boots are bonded to the ball-joint and aren't replaceable. I know my wife's BMW and my S2k have replaceable boots held on with spiral keepers, but the Nissan doesn't.
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