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Uneven adjustment in alignment.

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  • Uneven adjustment in alignment.

    Hi, Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I picked up a friend's s14 and got it aligned recently. I found it weird the passenger side arms are adjusted shorter than driver's side, specifically the RUCA, I measured the driver side RUCA at 13" where as passenger side is at 12 1/8". I couldn't find anything that was visually bent that hadn't already been replaced, I also had my S14 to compare with. Traction, RUCA and toe have all been replaced with aftermarket adjustable units. The car was involved in a accident, it slid into a highway barrier on the passenger side due to black ice. This leads me to think something is bent in the subframe that isn't visually noticeable. The front camber adjustment is also off. Passenger's is almost completely in toward the engine where as the driver's side is nearly completely out. I understand adjustments won't be symmetrical from one side to the other, but I feel like it shouldn't be this extreme. Any help, opinions, experience, etc to maybe confirm my suspicions? Some ideas would be great to hear before I go spending a few hundred in replacing subframes.

    Cliff notes:
    Acquired new car and took it to alignment.
    Pass. side adjustment is shorter than driver side particularly camber.
    Car was involved in accident involving highway barrier and black ice. Traction, Toe, RUCA, Pass. FLCA were replaced at one point.
    Possible bent subframe? RLCA? FLCA? Frame?
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    The subframe has slotted holes and uses eccentric bolts in stock form for the RUCA. Does the car have a lockout kit and/or are the inner bolts in the same spot?


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      The eccentrics are still in place but I did make sure they would in the same spot.


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        If the Eccentrics are in the same place/adjustment from L/R then either the Arms or Subframe are bent.
        Our subframes are somewhat easy to bend.