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Removing OEM hood webbing?

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  • Removing OEM hood webbing?

    I have the GT500 hood vent installed on my s14 hood. I'd like to save some money and lighten the hood by cutting out the webbing. Any thoughts on this? Easiest method for cutting and removing? I've seen a few people with very floppy hoods and can only assume that is what they did.

    Potential Weight to be saved? I know it will require hood pins once completed.

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    Mine on the old car was pretty floppy and still heavy enough to be awkward to remove myself. If you could find a good way to bond the bracing around the edge back to the skin, that may help with the flopping.

    I don't think there is enough weight to be worth it, but don't have a before and after weight on my last one. It was purely to clear the stock Rb25 intake mani.


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      I was running a gutted stock hood. I used a 4.5" grinder with a cut off disc. 5 to 10 minute job. The hood wasnt floppy under normal operation, but bowed when the hood was lifted. I cut to the main edge support, without additional bonding. 5ish lbs weight savings. I didn't use pins, and had no problem after 20,000miles of use.


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        I guess floppy may give the wrong idea. It was noticeable movement in the hood skin at highway speeds and above. I just ran some cheapo hood pins and never worried about it.


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          A cutoff disk and angle grinder to smooth out the sharp cuts is the easiest and fastest way.

          I used both a 4" cutoff wheel and a dremel to cut out webbing in prior times. Angle grinder and dremel to smooth. Is it worth it?? Just a few lbs worth of savings (something like 4 lbs if that much). The majority of the weight is simply in the metal hood itselt


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            Not worth the effort and loss of structure, IMO. Just save your pennies and buy a hood thats 30lb lighter.
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            I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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              Thx, point taken. For some reason I thought more than half of the hood weight was in the webbing... guess not and doesn't sound like it is worth the effort (and loss of rigidity) to save ~5 lbs.


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                yeah, def not worth it. I did it with my spare hood.


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                  The webbing is so little of the overall weight (I even tried cutting the webbing out of our 16 lb fiberglass S13 hoods I make, and it became jello.

                  Not worth the effort and benefit vs looking for weight elsewhere.


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                    I have this done on my car, even with a dremel it only took a little while. The weight savings arent that much to be honest. It is noticeable, but thats because these hoods weight a ton, but dont expect it to be anything near as light as a FRP hood.

                    I use to daily the car 100+miles each day at highway speeds 65-70mph and it did have some wobble to it at higher speeds but nothing big. But the loss of rigidity is not worth it IMO. the hood just bends and wobbles like any sheet metal with no bracing only to lose a few pounds.