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Are these VLSD output Shafts? VLSD Dilemma

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  • Are these VLSD output Shafts? VLSD Dilemma

    Hey guys, I have an R200 VLSD I'm trying to get installed in my 1997 S14

    My car does not have ABS and is a manual.

    The R200 VLSD that came with my car I believe is off an overseas car. It came from Jspec in Richmond, and was included with my car when I purchased it.

    It has 5 bolt axle flanges on it and is at least a 4.08/4.11.. Just counting revolutions. I wonder if it may even be a 4.36

    It does not have the ABS extension on the snout, and the output shafts do not have ABS rings around them.

    The output shafts I bought from a Zilvia Member were supposed to be VLSD output shafts. Now Im really wondering if these are VLSD shafts

    I have yet to get my stubborn short shaft out, but I have got the long shaft out and I have a problem. The new output shaft was longer than the old one by a little bit. I am able to get it in the diff, good and locked in, but the slinger, or the ring at the base is sitting about 1/4 off of the side of the diff housing....

    What diff do I have, am I ever going to find output shafts?? what should they be from? I believe I have J30 VLSD 6 bolt output shafts here.

    Again, I really want to find out if this guy screwed me or not ... so I can file a paypal claim if necessary... Not to mention.. my car is S15 SR powered at 15psi and is running around on 225's with an open diff.... I have no traction...


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    I agree that they look like J30 VLSD shafts, but one thing I've learned is that there's no way to tell what a yo! JDM diff came from unless you buy the whole car! You can put the stubs into the diff one at the time and use a flashlight to look in from the other side and see if the splines are in the right location. If you can't get them both in and have the shields in the correct location, it's not going to work.
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      I know some R200's had a thicker ring gear, so the long output shaft was a bit longer to match up.

      They LOOK like VLSD shafts, but unfortunately Nissan changed a lot of crap on R200 diffs in the 90's, that not all VLSD output shafts are interchangeable with each other. I've always had the policy of only buying a diff with output shafts I need, to avoid this very issue.
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        So in other words, the guy selling me these as J30 VLSD shafts probably didn't shaft me (pun intended)

        Damn... well this LSD came with stubs, but they are five bolt. I cant find any five bolt axles anywhere, that would be the best solution...


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          I bought a set locally for $50. They're definitely out there.


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            I want to know if I need to file for a paypal claim really. I bought these as a means of converting my 5bolt LSD to a 6bolt LSD. Everything I have read is that LSD and non LSD output shafts do not interchange. Im also reading that there are different length LSD output shafts.

            SOooo im just trying to figure out what I really have here.


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              Originally posted by e1_griego View Post
              I bought a set locally for $50. They're definitely out there.
              Well, I can't find them locally, and I haven't found any Online yet... After getting so many wrong parts, im getting weary of people too... LOL I guess ill post a Wanted Ad.

              I still need to know if I have a set of 6 bolt VLSD output shafts sitting here though... so I know what I have to sell or if I need to file a claim.


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                No one is gonna buy them lol

                They look like VLSD though.

                But the s14 vlsd ones that I have are a bigger mismatch in length. I left one at my buddy's shop so I'll try to go snag it and show you what they look.


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                  No, I have the short shaft also, The picture above shows one from the VLSD I have sitting on the floor, and one of the pair I bought, these are both the long ones of the set.

                  And I see tons of people looking for VLSD output shafts... I was also one. Which again, is why I do want to know what I have.. 1. so I could file a paypal claim, and 2. so I have an idea of what to do or what I have to sell...


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                    Sounds like they're the right ones, then.


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                      Dude, you have already been told they look like VLSD output shafts (the unsplined part in the middle of the long one is a dead give away). There are a ton of variants of R200's, and you likely got a diff from a car that's not an S-chassis, and was never even available in the US. So expecting to buy some random parts and interchange them with an unknown diff is kinda like trying to hit the lottery.

                      The fact that you're still talking about screwing the buyer with a paypal claim is low.
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                        I would only do that if I thought they were non lsd shafts. No one was able to give that answer.

                        I think the diff I have is a low gear ratio, because it seems to me that must vlsd rears can swap output shafts


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                          You've had two people tell you they look like VLSD output shafts - what else do you want?

                          Crazy idea, but have you cracked open the back cover on both diffs and compared things?
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                            I haven't pulled my stock diff yet since I don't have all the parts. Almost did yesterday to pull an output shaft and compare. But that's all I would gain from that.
                            I've had People say they look like them, not that they were. Calm yourself, I'm not out to screw someone, just making sure I wasn't and looking for firm answers on what I had.


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                              stick 'em in the diff. try to turn them in opposite directions. if they're VLSD shafts, it will be VERY hard to turn- like you're coupled to a viscous coupling.

                              If they turn freely, then either the diff isn't a VLSD or the output shafts aren't VLSD.
                              Originally posted by SoSideways
                              I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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