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Wing mounting feet / plates for s13? Oem mounting location?

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  • Wing mounting feet / plates for s13? Oem mounting location?

    Do you guys know if there's a company or shop that has made aluminum wing mounting plates that bolt up in the oem location so as to cover or be secured through the factory wing mounting holes?
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    i think you should specify a little more, just so you don't get a wrong answer. I still have to always ask this, but by s13 do you mean the coupe of the fastback?

    In case it's the fastback, do you mean the oem small rubber spoiler or the oem kouki wing?

    I don't think any company makes wing stands for oem location, at least not that i have seen. But to be honest they aren't hard to make in case your dead set on using oem mounting locations. You would need to have a wing chosen to know the distance between leg stands to start.

    Most simple way would be draw the plate you would like, and mark the hole location as needed. Slot the piece of aluminum (assuming you use that material) the width of a wing stand you design/buy. Insert stand into slot and weld it. I know it's fabrication involved. Buy you could design it in cardboard, buy the material you want, draw on it and take it to any fabrication shop around your area and it shouldnt be that expensive since it would be cut and weld for them.

    Just throwing some ideas around in case you don't find anything.