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  • Differential Speed Sensors

    What differential can be used for our cars that has a speed sensor and hopefully able to use these S14 SPL solid alum diff bushings? (S13 pumpkin has no bushings for the front ears, only have the ones installed in my S14 subframe).

    I was thinking S15 but they're kinda hard to find, J30?

    need the speed sensor for a VQ swap

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    Think I may of answered my own question, if the ABS S14 differential all had sensors? May only be VLSD ones? If the sensor is like the S15 one?

    "NOTE: The Speed Sensor on the S15 JDM car is located in the rear differential. If your engine did not come with the S15 differential, please contact us for more info. If you have the differential, a Dakota Digital SGI-5 unit should be installed between the speed sensor and speedometer to convert the signal for proper operation on a US 240sx."


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      Only ones that came with the Single ABS Sensor on the Pinion of the the Diff was the S14/S15 & 95-97 6-Bolt J30 in regards to one's that have bushings in the Front Ears of the Diff.

      Anything with 5-Bolt axles like Early 93-94 J30 & N/A Z32 are Dual Sensors, one on each Output Shaft.