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S14 rear lower balljoint: Stock vs Moog front

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  • S14 rear lower balljoint: Stock vs Moog front

    So, I did some search, and there are many people who state the front lower ball joint for the S14 is universal between the front and the rear. Most just stated they were the same, but no one (apart from just listing numbers) actually showed proof of measurements (including the search I did here).

    I will be the first to say I am not entirely sure it is a DIRECT replacement (its VERY close, but not 100% direct IMHO). Also, I could not get the lower shank thickness (covered by the Moog dust cover which I did not want to destroy. However, I have a Moog front I will have available once I swap it out as I destroyed the dust cover on install).

    I will let the pictures do the talking. Let me know what pictures you guys want and measurements needed (maybe a drawing or diagram stating where you want the measurements taken) and I will my due dilligence to take more!

    Is the concensus however that the fronts, although not exact, will still work with the rear??

    The first set of pictures is a visual comparison (the two stocks on the left of course)

    Stock Measurments:

    Moog Measurments:

    What do you guys think??

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    I don't have any experience with this, but I thought the moogers were greasable... are they not or did you not thread in the nipples?


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      They are not greasable from the port on the bottom as it has no port.


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        My moogs have been fine for me in the rear... I check to be sure they seat okay and it looked like they did so I went for it.


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          So its only about 1mm difference at the base where it would be pressed into the control arm?

          I have an s14 Moog front that I need to send in after it developed some play from my crash. I don't mind cutting them up and taking some measurements though


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            I took even more measurements last night (and to answer your question, yes, its about 0.5-1mm in size difference, but I will confirm tonight).

            Here is what I just measured
            S14 Rear (STOCK)
            Taper low diameter 14.7-14.9mm (smaller than moog by 0.3-0.1mm)
            Taper Hight diameter 18.46mm (smaller than moog by .14mm)
            Taper length 23.11mm (bigger than moog by .11mm)
            Diameter where it presses in 39.92mm (smaller than moog by 1.08mm)

            The rest of the dimension have such a small disparity between them, I am going to install a set in both my rear Lower Control arms.


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              1mm in a press-fit sounds a little big but I don't know much about that stuff.

              If it fits and never breaks anything, obviously it was fine. But I'd be concerned that it would stress the control arm enough that it could fail - especially with the stresses that the track introduces.


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                1mm in a press-fit in that small a diameter is a lot to ask, especially in steel, but it could be handy for someone who's already worn out the hole a bit from previous replacements...


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                  It will be taking to the machine shop to have it fitted correctly