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S14 rear subframe on s13 - how to get stock bushings out?

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  • S14 rear subframe on s13 - how to get stock bushings out?

    I'm finally getting around to putting my s14 rear subframe prepped and painted, and want to get the stock bushings out first...

    Do I just burn the rubber out, or cut, or press, or what?

    I have the SPL solid offset bushings ready to go in - along with SPL solid diff bushings.
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    I just cut them out. Not very difficult, and burning them makes a mess, then you still have to cut the sleeve which is the hardest part. It took me all of 30 secs to clear out most the rubber on a bushing when I did mine .
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      Get a hole saw just smaller than the outer bushing sleeve.

      Once most of the rubber is out I make 2 cuts in the outer bushing sleeve with a reciprocating saw almost all the way through the sleeve. The cuts need to be a little further apart than the width of the head on a sturdy flat head screwdriver or small chisel.

      Once the cuts are done I carefully drive the screwdriver or chisel between the subframe cup and the outer bushing sleeve. This should start rolling the sliver of sleeve away from the cup. Once that's gone, the tension between the sleeve and the cup is relieved and the rest should come right out.

      Just try not to score the subframe too deeply. Knock down any sharp grooves with sandpaper and toss in the solid bushings.


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        Jigsaw works well for both operations