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Solid back to Poly Subframe bushings

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  • Solid back to Poly Subframe bushings

    I'm not super familiar with bushings, how they come, how they get installed, etc... The only ones I've ever worked with were installing the solid bushings in my S14 subframe. I'm looking at de-modifying my car to compete in STX for autocross and don't know if I can go backwards. Is it possible, or do I need to look for another subframe to swap in?

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    You can knock the solid aluminum bushings out, but it won't be incredibly easy. Might beat them up pretty good getting them out. the poly ones will just press in when you're done, so it's not that hard.
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    I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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      Ok. Yes it can, but it won't be easy. That's what I wanted to hear. Well, at least the first part.

      When I was installing them, it didn't take a lot of hammer effort to get them in. I had left them in the freezer, but I'm sure they had warmed up by the time I was hammering them in. I put one in upside down too and had to hammer it out. I'll have to talk a machinist friend into getting me some scrap metal so I don't have to try and aim inside the housing.


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        I'd put some ice on the bushing and let it sit for an hour then start banging and pushing.
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