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Quick control arm/tension rod question for s13/s14

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  • Quick control arm/tension rod question for s13/s14

    Hi all!

    First post on this forum! Im from New Zealand and have a s13 in the US, I'm used to playing with and racing Skylines, r32 & r33, but change is good!

    No doubt some1 will give me an earful for not googling enough or not measuring this up myself, but I am far from my s13 and cant find the exact info I need to order some parts

    compiling parts to put an s14 subframe and 5 lug etc etc in my s13.

    Rear end is no problem, done it a fair few times before

    only thing I'm unsure of up front is whether I need s13 or s14 SPL tension rods (Castor arms)
    I will be running s14 front control arms (slightly longer than stock s13)
    I know the s14 tensions are 20mm longer (give or take)
    If the distance from inside pivot point of control arm to the castor arm mounting holes is the same from s13 to s14, then I will run s13 castors, if its more spread then I guess I go for the longer s14 ones.

    Someone will know!


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    Get the S13 ones. I got a deal on a full set of SPL S14 arms I needed for the rear subframe swap and gave the TC arms a shot. They wouldn't adjust short enough to set appropriate castor.

    Sold them to a friend and picked up S13 arms. I'm running S14 FLCAs as well.


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      That's what I was expecting to hear, thanks for confirming!