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Sticky steering problem

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  • Sticky steering problem


    When i took my s13 out for the summer this year i found that my steering started sticking in turns. When engaging a turn the sticking with stop turning for a split second and the continue to turn (as if the power steering lets go for this short time), this happen on left for right turns and quite often.
    The rack and pinion has been changed last summer because it started leaking, so i don't think it would be the cause.
    My hydraulic pump was also rebuilt sometime last year, and both balljoints were replaced due to being worn and my suspension parts seem fine.

    Im not sure what is left in the system that could cause this.

    any help is appreciated thanks.

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    Check all of your power steering lines lines for kinks, especially your low pressure "intake" line going to the pump. If there's even a small kink in the hose when the car is off, the low pressure inside the lines when the pump is sucking fluid through will cause the hose to collapse and then the pump cavitates and loses pressure for a split second.

    Your symptoms are very typical of a kinked/clogged intake tube.

    Also make sure you're using the right kind of fluid- you should be using ATF.
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      you also might want to check the u joint that connects your steering shaft to the steering rack, I've seen a lot of them go bad or get a tight spot in them and it can cause a momentary bind in the steering, a lot of times its caused by someone beating on it to get it off the steering rack when the rack is changed.


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        I had some cheap balljoints/rod ends on my car and they had so much friction and binding they felt like this.
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          This morning i looked at my hydraulics lines and there is no kinks to be found, so then i looked at the U-joint. there was no loose in it but i saw a little seep of rust from the bearing cap, so i shot a whole bunch of LPS on it and the problem disappeared.

          Ill change the u-joint on my next days off.