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Power steering issue - where to purchase?

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  • Power steering issue - where to purchase?

    The shell that I bought with came with a ChaseBays power steering kit instead of a the regular assembly- I was wrenching away to get the steering rack off and ended up destroying part of it. Emailed ChaseBays about the situation but have not received a response since then. If I'm correct, the fitting itself is fine- but the L bend piece was done for. (Not exactly sure what the name of the piece is..)

    CB's diagram of the kit (F)

    My mistake

    Any kind words or guidance in the matter would be appreciated. I'm fairly new to cars and look to improving myself

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    Buy yourself a new -6 an fitting cut your hose back maybe .75" watch every youtube video you can find on how to assemble an fittings and put it back together.


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      Thank you, sir.


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        Ummm. I think you were trying to untorque the wrong part of the hose end. Never seen one bent in half before...

        Turn the hex at the very end of it that mates with the flared AN fitting. Don't use Teflon tape like the idiots on Zilvia.
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          yup what others said. watch some youtube vids on how to assemble (and disassemble) AN fittings. once the hose is assembled, the piece you are holding in your hand that touches your index finger stays with the hose. you should only be loosening the part that is closest to your palm.

          you need to buy another -6 AN 90 degree fitting it looks like, but I'm not sure what brand chasebays uses. Wouldn't be surprised if it was an off brand (i.e. not aeroquip, earls, etc.). Your best bet is to contact chasebays and see if they will sell you one of their -6 AN 90 degree end fittings.