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LS1/t56 oil pan question

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  • LS1/t56 oil pan question

    I have been doing research and searching around different forums about this swap and peoples reviews on the different kits that are out for sale.

    I was leaning towards using hooker mounts, headers and a canton oil pan but i noticed that the sikky oil pan has a part on the pan to bolt to the transmssion. I came across one thread that i cant seem to find again about how the gto oil pan bolts to the transmission also to give it extra strength/support.

    1. does anyone have the sikky oil pan that can tell me if this section is for the extra strength/ support? or is it just something to cover the bell housing from debree?

    2. Is there any company that sells some type of brackets that bolt from the bottom of the transsmission to the block?

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    Sikky pan bolts to the trans, yes. Sikky bros say it's for support but IDK; I'm no engineer. I think the FR pan does hang kinda low but still leaves the flywheel exposed. The canton pan is similar to the FR pan but not quite as nice IMO.

    I've never heard of these brackets you're asking about but maybe search around google or LS1tech and perhaps you could find an answer faster. I think there's only three or four of us here using the LS motors iirc. I have the Sikky kit and personally think it's shyt and poor quality, however I've heard that their newer stuff is better quality but I cannot confirm it. FYI, the FR kit has the motor lower and further back such that you don't need to beat the trans tunnel nor need a special swaybar, unlike the sikky kit. The hooker kit is essentially a cheap copy of the sikky kit, however their trans mount bracket is much more robust than Sikky's (I lost my mount and contacted Sikky and they wouldn't sell me one, however hooker gave me one and it's beefy as fark).


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      GM has clearly stated that the LS oil pans are semi structural, and that they increase bottom end rigidity. You already have the flywheel hanging 6 inches below the lower deck surface, and a few extrA bolts their couldnt hurt. You can also choose to runa mid plate for even more support (they sandwhich between the trans and block) and act as a third point of mounting.


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        thank you both for the info