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Clutch disk thickness?

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  • Clutch disk thickness?

    Anyone know how many mm thick a sr20det ACT full face disk is?

    I have the motor out of the car and was inspecting the clutch set up. I really like how the car drives and shifts and would like to keep this PP for now. i am very picky about clutches and how they feel. Car has a Silkroad PP and clutch disk. The disk is about 7.5mm thick right now but i`m not sure how thick they are new. very hard to get and info on the clamping load of this PP or specs on the disk, like what it`s made of. The white strands in it looks a lot like a stock DSM clutch disk. Was planning to throw a ACT disk in due to the copper in their disks should hold a little more power. But I need to makes sure the ACT disk is compatible to this PP.

    Motor came with a 10lb flywheel but there's no identifying name or part number on it. Anyone have any idea what it is?
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    1. Those tiny pictures suck. can't see crap. there's only a couple companies that make light steel flywheels for these cars, so try some google-fu and see what you come up with there.

    2. Call ACT and ask for disc measurements. They changed the design on their clutch discs in the last 2-3 years, and the center hub portion is slightly larger diameter now. the new discs won't work with their old pressure plates, so I had to buy a new pressure plate to fit the disc I already had on the shelf.

    As for the disc thickness, the FSM lists 7.9-8.3mm (compressed under load), so your clutch obviously can't use the OE measurements or replacement clutch disc. And I've used an OE disc with an ACT pressure plate before- worked fine.

    At this point, I'd almost just buck up and buy a complete clutch setup from ACT or Exedy or something..
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      The problem isn't spending the money in a new clutch set up. The problem is buying one and not liking it. I like how this one feels and drives. It's holding the power now but I know so little about it that I don't know if it will hold another 50ft lb torque. I will call ACT and get the measurements. That should have been a no brainer.

      I think the flywheel is a Toda by pictures I've been looking at online.

      98 240sx w/ S15 SR20DET, TD06 20g, FMIC, 3in exhuast, walbro, EBC,


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        Looks like a TODA flywheel. Nice piece. I really liked mine.
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